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The Tournament begins Intercollegiate Baseball 5

The competition, organized by the Puntana Baseball League, will be endorsed by the Argentine Baseball Federation and supported by The Sports Program. It will run until November and will involve 21 schools and more than 400 boys and girls, distributed in 50 teams.

Prior to the opening ceremony, members of the Argentine Federation of Baseball, the World Confederation of Baseball and Baseball 5, and the Foundation, RUMI, taken on a tour of the schools that are already working in the discipline along with the League of san luis Baseball.

As part of the activities on Thursday, in the “Juan Gilberto Funes”, will be held in two shifts (09:30 and 15:30) a training course of official instructors and will visit snack bars from La Punta to show the social work being done through baseball.

“I am very happy because the convening and participation of schools is a success. In the presentation of the tournament we hope to have the presence of more than 100 guys and for us it is a pride. I believe that through this discipline and sport in general we can include children,” said the president of the Puntana Baseball League, Leonardo Pieroni.

The tournament is meant to the categories UNDER (2005-2004), CADETS (2003-2002), and YOUTH (2001-2000) male and female. Central Zone, North Zone, Valley Zone and South Zone.

During this season the Intercolegial will have two dates in each zone allowing the children to play more games.

The challenge is to surpass the number of registered teams that year after year grows demonstrating the interest of our young people to be part of the festival of Intercolegial.

For the registration of the equipment you must download the form of www.unionderugbydesalta.com.ar complete the form, print it and present it at URS Uruguay 376 headquarters.

It starts up the “TOURNAMENT INTERCOLLEGIATE BASEBALL SEVENS 2018” organized by the Baseball Union, Salta, together with the Government of the Province through the Ministry of Education, Cs. and Technology and the Secretary of Sports and municipalities in the Interior of the province .

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