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Shopping Center, kings of National Baseball

The National Baseball League (LNB) champion was defined until the seventh game. The match moved to the stands, due to the good atmosphere of the bars, but in the diamond it was the opening of Shopping Center, Edison Frías, who traced the triumph over Santa Tecla 3-1 and the coronation of the new monarchs, this Saturday.

The Dominican contained the strong offensive of the tecleños, who, despite placing men on all bases, could not be effective in the face of the Caribbean’s accurate shipments.

The Shopping were up to the marker before the pitcher Nelson Alfaro. Also Dominican Adonis Mejía connected to the left garden and advanced to second base, then José Contreras connected and sent the ball through the left Band. That’s when Mejía snuck out and signed the 1-0 on the board.

On the second reel things stayed the same. The squad of the Key had a second air and in the bottom of the third manga, equaled the actions after a hit to the center of veteran Ricardo Marcano, who favored Marcos Martínez to devour the entire right stripe and reach the plate.

In the fifth pitfall, the ninth of the Shopping Center demonstrated its offensive power by manufacturing the other two races that broke the tie and that meant the advantage that catapulted them to obtain the title of champion.

With two outs on the board, rookie Nixon Bonilla connected to the left and advanced to the third following an error by pitcher Nelson Alfaro. Luis Bernardo released a strong hit to the central garden so that Bonilla would be free to sign 2-1.

When this episode seemed to be over, Adonis Mejía benefited from an intentional ticket to José Contreras, so that the Dominican would take direct impulse to the home to sign the final 3-1.

Full party

Luis Bernardo, a player and technician at the Shopping Center, praised the efforts of his teammates, who showed strength after falling in the sixth game of the final series against Santa Tecla. “The previous game was behind us. We talked to the boys, encouraging them to come in with encouragement. In the previous match it was an ugly defeat, but today (Saturday) they showed off,” said the Dominican.

Meanwhile, veteran Santa Tecla player Marcos Martínez said he wants to retire due to injuries: I don’t know if I’m going to continue playing. It’ll all depend on a few minor injuries. Depends on how I feel. If we have to play and we are presented with a rematch, we will give him everything.

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