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National Baseball team located in the “Death Group” in the under-18 World Cup

Two years ago in Thunder Bay, Canada, the National Under-18 baseball team looked like Cinderella in the World Cup. He placed in Group A and did not win a single challenge. It fell to South Korea, Canada, Australia, Italy and Chinese Taipei; in other words, it did not win even the respect of the other teams. The time has passed and the great work of the boys to qualify again was reflected in Panama against forecasts, but fate placed them in the “Death Group”.

The troop that will be led by Ramon Padilla will again be in Group A next to the serial leader and host country, South Korea, which is the number three in the world. It will seek revenge against the Australians (number seven in the ranking), try to surprise the Dutch (number 8 in the world), play with decorum against Canada (Number 10) and against the only ones we jump as favorite is China (number 20).

In the group B was the united States, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Panama, Spain and south Africa. The competition system provides that they will all play against all of the same group and rank the first three nations. In the next stage will be the famous “Round Robin”, which is the formation of a group of Six Nations (the three Classifieds of Group A and Group B), but that the defeats and victories of the first round between classified selections count. Later, the two best will compete for gold and the third and fourth place will go for bronze. The entire tournament will run from August 30 to September 8 of this year.

The Sub-18 Challenge will be huge. In 2017 he was beaten to death against Canada (15-3), South Korea beat us 12-4, while Australia demonstrated superiority (11-6). Now the boys who glowed (Rodolfo Bone, Tristan Hansack, Felipe Aguilar, etc.) when the ranking was achieved in 2018 in Panama, will have the objective of overcoming that poor pinolera demonstration.

When Nicaragua was eliminated in the first phase, he then went to a round of consolation in which he won two victories: one against Mexico (10-4) and the other against South Africa (11-1).

In the last five editions of the Under – 18 World Cup, the United States has achieved the hegemony of that event that hosts the best promises of baseball. EE. UU. he wins four oros, while Taipei has another scepter.

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