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Maradona qualifies football as the true king of sports

Full 2019 and the nickname is still used to refer to it, however, not everyone agrees to call it that, because they see this discipline very complicated and that, compared to other sports, it does not have a large number of fans and popularity in the world.

If you have a football final, the sport King for those who say that the sport King is another smaller ball, that has nothing to do with it, the sport King Is Us, football, we are sport King, said Diego Armando Maradona at a press conference.

And these controversial words occur to him in Culiacán, Land of the Tomateros, one of the most important novenas in our country. That in 64 years of history, has achieved 11 titles and two subchampionships of the Mexican League of the Pacific, two Series of the Caribbean and two second places in the Classic World of Baseball. But remember that the capital of sinaloense was also home to the Tacuarineros, a team that was born in 1945 and raised five trophies from the 13 seasons of which they were part.

What is worth applauding is that the Argentine is achieving more than Pep Guardiola and Sebastián “Loco” Abreu did: that an entire city will turn to see Estadio Banorte as another sport option in addition to the stadium of the Tomateros. But we cannot fail to mention that the country will also travel to cities where there are only MX promotion teams to see the real D10S lead, one of the so-called “best players in the entire history of football.

Diego Armando Maradona will only be one year old in Mexico, however, he can already presume to have led Dorados De Sinaloa for the second time in a row to the Final of a second-category tournament. The departure will take place this Thursday at 21:00 in Culiacán opposite Atletico San Luis.

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