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Latino and African American baseball players stand up for Trump

About ten players latino and african-american baseball team the Boston Red Sox, champion of the World Series 2018, gave this Thursday’s sit-in at the president of the united States, Donald Trump, at a reception at the White House, reported local media.

Some of them had publicly explained the reason for their absence from the event and others had not.

One of those who explained the reason was his coach, Alex Cora, who said on Sunday to journalists who did not think to go to the White House by the management that the Management of Trump had made the response to hurricane Maria, which struck Puerto Rico in September of 2017, and he left some 3,000 dead.

Cora, originally from Caguas in Puerto Rico, told The Press that some things at home are great, but she acknowledged that there is still a lot to do.

Along with Cora, some of the players who did not attend the White House this Thursday were African Americans Mookie Betts and David Price and Puerto Rican Christian Vazquez.

Despite the absences, Trump received the other team members who went to the presidential mansion.

Throughout the 2018 season, the Red Sox were, frankly, unstoppable, highlighted the president, who added that they always played as champions.

Trump said he likes baseball, which he called “a very special game, a very special sport,” which he himself practiced in high school.

The president highlighted the contributions to the game of the team of players who did attend the event such as Nathan Eovaldi, Chris Sale, and Steve Pearce, but did not mention the absentees.

Asked by the press, the president said he liked this team and defended the management of the crisis caused by Hurricane Maria of his administration.

The people of Puerto Rico should really like President Trump

Earlier this week, Trump received at the White House the golfer Tiger Woods to give him the Medal of freedom.

In the past, the President has frequently criticised the players are african american and the NFL , the american football, who have protested the police violence against black people kneeling in the games during the national anthem.

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