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Kyle Hendricks recorded one of the best performances of the baseball modern

Kyle Hendrics demonstrated why the Chicago Cubs offered him a contract extension early this season, although, he is not considered as the team’s ace, it is clear that his reporter is worthy of an All-Star Class pitcher.

During the victory 4 to 0 against the St. Louis Cardinals, Hendricks commanded a gem monticular that will be remembered throughout history. The right laundered its arch-rivals from the Central Division with only 81 pitches.

This whitening is recorded as the smallest amount since the 2012 season. So it’s also the first time a Cubs pitcher has launched a Maddux since 2001.

Although, should we call a Hendricks now in modern baseball?

In addition, none of his pitches were above 89 mph.

Hendrics became dominant throughout the new entrances, allowing only 4 unstoppable and three strikeouts. The right did not receive a race or give up bases per ball.

Emotions should not be seen in isolation, but as closely as possible related to the whole personality. All emotion has at least four aspects that can be analyzed: the personal emotional experience, which are those characteristics of the emotion that a conscious person feels, knows and can verbally describe, the body changes that occur at the moment of emotion, such as blood pressure, pulse or breathing, which are altered in their normal values, the behavior of the excited person, how he acts and what he does, motivation, since an excited organism is an end-oriented organism.

For a better understanding of the four aspects mentioned above, it must be borne in mind that sport has two fundamental moments: the training that, as a pedagogical process, prepares the athlete to face the sporting challenge; and the competition that is the moment in which the desired result must be obtained.

In reality, the most studied aspect is the second, due to the high levels of activation necessary to impose, the states of anxiety that occur in the face of the threat of defeat, which may result in the psychological collapse of the athlete.

This research deals with emotional states and their self-regulation in relation to sports performance, as well as the problems presented by the baseball pitchers of the Ciego de Ávila team who find it difficult to consummate the third out, achieve the third strike or finish the batter when he is in favorable count in addition to dominating the batters, when he has runners in scoring positions from the 7th to the 9th ining, also have psychic tension, tingling in the stomach, strong heartbeat, loss of concentration, concern, and disturbing thoughts about their ability to deal with the situation, all psychophysiological parameters as indicators that there is no adequate self-regulation of emotional states.

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