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It is as well as AMLO wants to conquer the children with baseball

As one of the actions directed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to promote and develop baseball in the national territory, the Fun at Bat Program was presented as an optional complement to the physical education class in public primary schools in the country.

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP), through the federal educational authority in Mexico City (AEFCM), and in conjunction with the Office of the president for the promotion and development of baseball in Mexico (Probeis), presented the program that will begin as a pilot in three thousand 300 schools for one million 320 thousand students for the 2019-2020 school year.

200 teachers have been trained at the moment

During the presentation, the head of the AEFCM, Luis Humberto Fernández Fuentes, pointed out that through this program and with the accompaniment of Major League Baseball (MLB), 200 teachers of physical education have been trained with a methodology that aims to learn values through baseball.


In front of the school community of the Revolución School, Fernández Fuentes explained that a sportsman is a person who complies with the rules, who knows how to compete with humility to win and has dignity in defeat, a philosophy that, he said, teachers should share during training with their students.

The holder of Probeis, Édgar González Sabín, spoke of the importance of the arrival of this program to the public schools, as it will help the children and youth are interested in the practice of baseball. “I am excited to start with this important program, but above all, more teachers and students will be, without them we could not implement it. They were all involved in training. It’s not just baseball, it’s acquiring values,” he said.

This is a complementary scheme to physical education

Luis Felipe Sánchez Sánchez, professor of Physical Education at the pension Elementary School, said that Fun at Bat is a complementary scheme for physical education classes and not an activity that seeks to replace that subject.

“This is one more tool for us, to teach children to have more knowledge and strategies that can encourage their learning; this is planned, organizing with manuals, with writings that perfectly detail what will be done; those who know about baseball understand it easily; there is no complication,” he said.

During the presentation, 200 teachers and an equal number of specialized equipment kits for the concept were awarded diplomas of completion of the Fun at Bat training course in their respective schools. Also did a demonstration of the program with the children of third and fourth year with the presence of the representative in Mexico of MLB, Tony Reagins.

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