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Fire consumed Urban Lugo baseball school in Cúa

A fire was recorded on May 2, at the facilities of Baudilio Díaz Stadium, specifically in the area where the Lugo minor baseball school operates, on Los Próceres Avenue in the Aparay sector in Cúa.

Passers-by who realized the eventuality gave notice to the officials of the Miranda state Fire Brigade, who went to the site in private car, in the absence of a fire suppression unit, and extinguished the flames with a portable equipment.

Lieutenant Ramón Guerrero, a researcher at the Lifeguard Corps, said that according to the first inspections they presume that the fire was caused by an electric arc (short circuit).

Cradle of great ballplayers

Henry Rangel, director of the sports school, said that the flames razed the equipment and trophies of the institution, which is more than 26 years old and has been the cradle of great pelopters.

We only have to start over and hope that some institutions will give us the support to rise from the ashes, because the losses were huge.

The basic self-protection standard for centres, establishments and units engaged in activities likely to give rise to emergency situations sets out the essential minimum criteria for the regulation of self-protection, for the definition of the activities to which it obliges, and for the development, effective physical implementation and maintenance of the effectiveness of the Self-Protection Plan.

Our most valuable asset, our children spend in school a lot of hours weekly, thus we understand that these centres should have a plan for the prevention of fires and the means needed and in a perfect state of use at any time for the case to be necessary.

Each school has its own particular characteristics in terms of location, built plants, number of students, etc., so each school must have its self-protection plan adapted to its circumstances and continuously revised and updated.

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