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Enlisted Holguin for the Series 59 of baseball

The sun and the Heat were punishing hard, on the morning of last Thursday, on the field of the Calixto García Stadium. But these setbacks did not prevent the intensity of the training of the holguineros peloters, who have on the horizon the National LIX Series, marked to begin on August 10.

While sweating copiously, the pre-selected baseball players came in and out of the field, where they performed actions as if they were playing: “this is called training as you play; these tasks and others in the batting system are experiences I acquired in the United States and we are applying them here,” explained Noelvis González, manager of the Cubs.

Eddy Suárez made corrections to the receivers, including two young guests, then Felicio Garcia worked with the batters and at the bottom of the right Garden the pitchers on his own with Orelvis Ávila and Oscar Gil. The entire technical Collective was busy and in action, but Noelvis made a stop in his driving to refer to the training panorama and its projections.

Of those pre-screened, only those serving other assignments are currently not in the enlistment: Wilson Paredes and Rafael Sánchez (national preselection), Yordan Manduley (contract), Luis Raúl Domínguez (Cuba softball team) and Máikel Cáseres (Italy, returns July 3). In addition, more than 10 under-23 players must nurture the pre-selection. With them and the rest this already looms as the team.

I have a sensitive absence, that of Soler, who drove me many races and is a good gardener; in the opposite and favorable sense I count on the returns of Lerys Aguilera and Yusmel Velásquez.

Since I do not have Geidy, I must recompose my possible regular gardeners, so I plan to place Cáceres on the left, accompanied by jorge Luis Peña (center) and Marnolquis Aguiar (right). The young Yasiel González will have more opportunities, the director said.

Noelvis hopes that at the reception, Aballe will be accompanied by Ivan Prieto and Nelson Batista (both now in sub-23). Luis Laffita must be included among the eight of the 32-player team Reserve.

In the beginning will be Pedro Almeida and in segunda Noel González, who have not been rushed in the Under-23 (designated) to reach the 59 series in better physical form (he was injured).

They are testing Laindel Leyva, another who returns, in the short field and if all goes well, will occupy that position when they are not Dominguez and Manduley or in another contingency. Paumier (good training) will occupy the anteroom, where he is a stellar.

Lerys is training with a lot of dedication and Noelvis believes he will be your designated one. Yusmel, Wilson Paredes and Santiesteban are already “painted” as their main openers and Rafael Sánchez the first shutter. For the manager the training will be able to show you who will be better able to complete the opener group and the different relay functions, which he is most concerned about. By the way, Yusmel said his commitment is to win over 10 games.

The training, recently initiated, will also allow Noelvis and his coaches to complete ideas and projections. So soon everything has started favorably. We observe a positive atmosphere of satisfaction: “we are happy, because all the conditions and assurances are present for an excellent preparation.

We count on the support and understanding of the authorities of the party, government and Sports. We need to make the fog plan, which will be determined by the coordination we do with other provinces and the availability of Transportation,” said the mentor.

We insist on an initial question :weakened or strengthened pack?, Noelvis reflected: the most real answer to that question will be in the behavior of the peloters in the series, not just those who return.

To absences and reappears, we must add another year of experience for young people and other aspects. What I can assure you is that again we will look for the pass to the second phase, but we will not stay there, five and six places is enough. Neither the hobby nor we do not settle for that; we have to place ourselves among the four and move forward.

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