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Diamilette Quiles will play in Puerto Rico’s male team

For the first time in 80 seasons, the top Double A Baseball League, the main tournament of the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation, will have a woman among its members.

Diamilette Quiles will take first place in the fifth inning by the Puerto Rican semi-professional baseball team Los Montañeses De Utuado, becoming the first woman to play in a traditional men’s Tournament of the sport.

Quiles, 33, is scheduled to debut in the last match of the season league Double AA team of Utuado in front of the Patrol officers and San Sebastian this weekend.

Currently, Quiles is a member of the Puerto Rico women’s team in the position of first base and designated batter.

The player will occupy her position in the field with number 53.

“I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to do my job as a pelothera,” he said this Thursday in his presentation.

According to sources from the Mountain team, the player planned to join the team a month and a half ago, but an injury prevented her from doing so.

He added that with his participation the ninth seeks to secure second place in the northern section of the double AA league, composed of five teams.

The Double A Superior Baseball League is the main tournament of the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation.

Names such as Carlos Beltrán, Eddie Rosario, Carlos Correa, Jose Berrios and Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodríguez are some of the many players contributed by the island to the continent.

“I am very happy because I feel that I am going to achieve one more achievement. Always proud to represent my people of Utuado because wherever I have gone to compete I have done it with a lot of pride and love always giving the best of me,” said the 33-year-old player.

On the other hand, José Quiles Rosas, president of the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation, said it is something “never seen in our Double A Top Baseball Tournament.We understand that it will be another opportunity to expose the talent of women’s baseball and continue to promote inclusion in the sport.”

In addition, the representative of the Montagnards, Rafael Juarbe, has thanked the Federation for its commitment to gender equality by not raising any objections and supporting the recruitment of the player from the first day.

“This is not just a symbolic signature, it represents much more. It is to continue contributing to closing the gender gap to show that in many cases women will be able to compete from you to you with men,” Pagán said.

In the decade of the eighties, Wanda Maldonado, was a pioneer in the League Central Baseball of Puerto Rico (Coliceba), to play a period with the Llaneros de Toa Baja.

About Diamilette Quiles

  • Batting champion in the 2018-2019 season with an average of .611.
  • He has ten seasons of experience in the women’s Baseball League, which is organized by the Federation.
Diamilette Quiles will play in Puerto Rico’s male team
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