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Baseball, the sport linked to the history of Puebla

If a sport is linked to the history of Puebla, it’s called baseball. From 1944, as the first Mexican League champion with the 74th Regiment (1925), Puebla was two years old from returning to the professional firmament under the tutelage of Don Castor Montoto. That team played in the old …

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The Tournament begins Intercollegiate Baseball 5

The competition, organized by the Puntana Baseball League, will be endorsed by the Argentine Baseball Federation and supported by The Sports Program. It will run until November and will involve 21 schools and more than 400 boys and girls, distributed in 50 teams. Prior to the opening ceremony, members of …

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Fire consumed Urban Lugo baseball school in Cúa

A fire was recorded on May 2, at the facilities of Baudilio Díaz Stadium, specifically in the area where the Lugo minor baseball school operates, on Los Próceres Avenue in the Aparay sector in Cúa. Passers-by who realized the eventuality gave notice to the officials of the Miranda state Fire …

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Advertised payroll team Cuba baseball cap in Mexico

In the team announced Tuesday by the Cuban baseball authorities for a preparation stop in Mexico, four men who were not in the training held in Mexico City stand out. The gardener Ariel Sanchez and the pitchers Yadián Martínez, Misael Villa and Rafael Sánchez make the difference in the payroll …

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Diamilette Quiles will play in Puerto Rico’s male team

For the first time in 80 seasons, the top Double A Baseball League, the main tournament of the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation, will have a woman among its members. Diamilette Quiles will take first place in the fifth inning by the Puerto Rican semi-professional baseball team Los Montañeses De Utuado, …

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