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Baseball star denounces abduction of Sports children

I am referring to a gesture of great value by former pitcher Pedro Martinez, a member of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, the highest award in the United States Major League.

This time it is worthy of recognition not for its sporting feat, but for its high human and social sensibility that has not been buried either for its personal success or for its fortune earned in buena lid in its status as the star of that discipline, the national sport of the Dominican Republic.

This is undoubtedly a valuable, profound and shocking denunciation of the” abduction “of 12 and 13-year-old children by real transnational” factories “of” peloteros ” (baseball players), which deals with the conversion of children, pubes and teenagers into mere commodities in the context of inhuman businesses accompanied by obviously gangsta procedures.

The revelation was made by Martinez in the following terms:

“It is not small What is happening in our country”

“It’s a delicate case. I do not agree with the signing (hiring) of children aged 12 and 13, because – as you say they are being abducted from their school-the teaching of their family love. You’re exposing them to a lot of inappropriate hands.

“No one will agree to having a child work)man hours.”

“We live in a third world country. The one who wants to come and take advantage, does it… (Diario EL DÍA, 1-05-2019))

Pedro Martínez touched a very sensitive area, when, with knowledge of cause and speaking with his heart, he denounced with those words the drama imposed by a sports business exercised without the slightest scruples; and, by the way, he recalled the case of a young man who, a few months after being hired, had to cut off his leg for the improper application of steroids.

There are powerful reasons for characterizing capitalism as a highly gangster-like system; and for affirming, over and over again, that in the conflict between big capital and life, we must bet on life.”

Capitalism is an environmentally unsustainable system: it is killing the planet, making humanity sick and degrading.

But not just

The appropriation of surplus-value, capitalist profit boosted by criminal practices, engenders the theft of a large part of the product of Labour, intelligence and skills of human beings.

Capitalism, now more than before, it converts everything into merchandise: the health, education, food, land, nature, the human body, the talent, the art, the science, the beauty…

Markets all.

It covers everything, including people regardless of age and sex, but especially women, boys and girls.

It turns discrimination (racist, sexist, sexual, generational…) into major sources of profit.

It keeps changing for the worse: more delinquent, warrior-like, liar, predator, ecocid, perverse…

It has experienced economic gangsters, criminal politicians, mercenary communicators, traffickers of all kinds genocidal military chiefs and unscrupulous businessmen

This idol of Dominican sport, without political militancy or ideological commitment, has since its honesty revealed a shocking truth hidden by the cloak of “post-truth”; it denounces these and other assertions regarding capitalism as a decadent system.

Our appreciation for the courage of Pedro Martinez.

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