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Advertised payroll team Cuba baseball cap in Mexico

In the team announced Tuesday by the Cuban baseball authorities for a preparation stop in Mexico, four men who were not in the training held in Mexico City stand out.

The gardener Ariel Sanchez and the pitchers Yadián Martínez, Misael Villa and Rafael Sánchez make the difference in the payroll that travels on the 25th to San Luis Potosí, where they will compete against exponents of the Mexican League.

“The purpose of the management Collective is to evaluate and observe their performance in different lines of play,” said Ricardo Eizmendiz, head of the technical department of the National Commission.

The five-game series will begin a day after arrival and is in addition to the preparation of the Island for the Pan american Games in Lima, agreed July 26 to August 11.
Here the payroll

Receivers (3): Frank Camilo Morejón Reyes, Alfredo Fadraga Pérez and Yunior Ibarra Araque.

Table players (8): Yordanis Samón Matamoros, Carlos Benítez Pérez, Raúl González Isidoria, Jorge Enrique Alomá Herrera, César Prieto Echevarría, Orlando Acebey Gutiérrez, Andrés Hernández Díaz and Yurién Vizcaíno Rodríguez,

Gardeners (5): Yoelkis Guibert Stevens, Yuniesky Larduet Domínguez, Sergio Barthelemí Correoso, Yoelkis Céspedes Maceo and Ariel Sánchez Sánchez.

Pitchers: Wilson Paredes Céspedes, Frank Luis Medina García, Pablo Luis Guillén Díaz, Pedro Álvarez Jiménez, Dariel Gongora de la Torre, Yariel Rodríguez Yordi, Yadián Martínez Pérez, Yosimar Cousín de la Rosa, Misael Villa Santos, Andy Amaury Rodríguez, Rafael Sánchez Thoppe and Norge Carlos Vera Aldama.

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