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About us

Pitch Talks is produced by Homestand Sports, a media company producing live events and digital media on intelligent and interactive conversations on sports. Our mission is to build a North American platform for engaging hardcore fans in meaningful and intimate conversations on sports. Founded by Kevin Kennedy in 2014, Homestand Sports first launched with Pitch Talks on baseball with a small crowd of 30. From there, we have grown to produce shows all across North America (New York City, Philadelphia, Florida, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary to name a few), and have expanded to talks on hockey (Puck Talks), and basketball (Hoop Talks) with plans for Huddle Talks, Footy Talks, and Indy Talks. 

Ultimately we are producing live shows, video, and podcasts, that push the standard of what we’d expect to hear on TV and radio, and deliver intimate, intelligent, and interactive stories that get right at the heart of why we love the sports we do.

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